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Bags for the equestrian who expects excellence at all levels. Meet the new collection that will take you from trailer, to barn, to saddle with ease.
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From the early mornings in the stable to the hours spent on the road, we are united by a common grit, patience, and passion for a life lived in the saddle. Every moment matters when it comes to training and preparation, so we can be present with our horses.

Our bags are here to support your endeavors and ease your transitions, so you can continue on the pursuits that matter most.

Our Story
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The 1912 Collection

Classic foundations, updated intelligently. It’s time to prepare for your ride, with ease and intention.


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zosia mamet equestrian



Q&A: Zosia Mamet

"Every time we get on a horse, we are being courageous, because we are entering into a pact with another creature. The love between horse and human is a direct line of their open heart to yours."
zosia mamet equestrian


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