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The 1912 Collection

Commemorating dressage’s entrance into the Olympic games, our debut collection merges real-world utility with enduring elegance and longevity.

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Introducing the 1912 Pullover

Introducing the 1912 Pullover

Introducing the 1912 Pullover

Dress the part in a pullover that is just as cozy in the barn as it is classic during downtime at shows.

Intuitively Composed

Something new yet familiar, all at once. Each carrier is designed for exactly how riders store, tote, and navigate their everyday.

At-Home In All Terrain

We craft with materials that are unfazed by mud and muck—forever enduring in style and presentation.

Working Together

When used in concert with each other, you’ll find a new ease and coordination in your routine.

Conscious of the Earth

As a brand born in the aftermath of the California wildfires, honoring our land has been at the core of our philosophy since day one. From our material choices to our bag reuse and recycle program, we strive to incorporate leading sustainability strategies throughout the entire lifecycle of our work.
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