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Adrienne smiling on her horse

Schulz Ambassador Adrienne Sternlicht

For show jumper Adrienne Sternlicht, it’s all about staying present.
Adrienne smiling on her horse
Schulz + Paul Hawken (Regeneration)

"The only way we’re going to reverse global warming is to fall in love.”

Schulz + Giant Steps Therapeutic Equestrian Center

Giant Steps Executive Director Beth Porter says: “These kinds of stories really affect you..."

Schulz Ambassador Lainey Ashker

Event and dressage rider Lainey Ashker’s philosophy for success is simple, “I never stop learning.”

Q&A: Ellesse Jordan Gundersen

"Horses definitely teach us how to be patient, how to think outside the box, how to have humor and how to care for others."

Schulz + Brandi Roenick

“I wanted to make a comeback, and I wanted to come back really hard.”

Schulz + Dr. Katharine Wilkinson

In order to reverse climate change, we need radical change, which Dr. Katharine Wilkinson believes means more women in power.

Q&A: Erin Lane

Pro hunter/jumper rider, media director, and trainer Erin Lane on working in the industry and changing the sport for the better.

Schulz + Katie Jackson

For para-equestrian Katie Jackson, horses were a shining light in her darkest moment.

Q&A: Zosia Mamet

"Every time we get on a horse, we are being courageous, because we are entering into a pact with another creature. The love between horse and human is a direct line of their open heart to yours."

Schulz + Tanya Lee

We are continually inspired by Tanya's leadership in ethical and environmentally conscious manufacturing—a necessary change for this industry.

My Favorite Tips & Resources for More Sustainable Living

There's an abundance of small changes we can make in our personal lives that work to conserve our earth and that support local brands on a mission to confront the climate crisis.

Q&A: Alison Burt-Jacobs

"My experience has taught me that most horse people will give the shirt off their back for you or your horse. It is a true community."

Schulz + Allen Clarke

A leader in natural horsemanship, Allen Clarke shares the necessary work to adopt horse reasoning, establish sanctuary, and reward thought—not action—in our horses.

Q&A: AnnA Buffini

National champion AnnA Buffini on how she found dressage and why she believes in creating her own luck.

Q&A: Frankie Thieriot Stutes

Eventing champion Frankie Thieriot Stutes on riding to the top, the Olympic Games, and staying committed to her happiness in a risky sport.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Feeling a renewed purpose and sense of responsibility, we founded Schulz to provide a positive, more sustainable impact within the equine industry.

Schulz + Brandon Fouche

A leading figure in the rehabilitation of troubled dogs found himself applying the same lessons he had learned working with canines when it came time to work with horses.

Schulz + Julia Jackson

A life spent riding horses and growing up on vineyards, Julia Jackson has a unique connection to the environment and a firsthand understanding of the effects wrought by the climate crisis.

Schulz + Lauren Murphy

Schulz photography contributor Lauren Murphy on artistry in the age of social media, prioritizing connection over recognition, and loving horses after the ride.


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