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I'm Lindsey

Growing up, I knew I needed to be around horses. I began riding at the age of six, building on a foundation of loving and caring for the animals first and foremost. After graduating with my BFA in 2011, I began competing at the age of 24, an aspect of the sport I had longed to enter.

The barn became my family, and the horses became a consistent support in my life, driving me to meet my goals. In 2015 my MFA thesis show titled Salute reflected the dedication, labor, and repetition required for this sport. Riding has always been more than a hobby; it is part of my identity.

Throughout my training, I’ve seen the generosity and support of our close-knit community. We celebrate each others’ wins and lend hands during trying times—all with unfaltering compassion.

But I had never witnessed the bonds of our community so strong as when we were struck by the California fires.

Everyone went out of their way to rescue each other’s horses and find safety to wait out what would be the most devastating wildfire season we had ever experienced. Our barn family met at the ranch at 3am to load the horses quickly and efficiently. I had already lost my childhood home in the Tubbs Fire, and was now facing the loss of our barn in the Woolsey Fire. After we lost everything except the horses themselves, the donations of tack and equipment for our Los Angeles riding community was awe-inspiring.

A couple months later when I ordered new boots to replace the ones I lost, it felt like a fresh start.

Once they had arrived I started looking for a perfect boot bag. I no longer wanted to compromise on aesthetics or functionality—I needed something protective and durable, that would fit my style. Something that traveled well, especially since I was driving long distances from my new home in Northern California to show in Los Angeles.

Somewhere along I-5 in the middle of California, driving home from a show with the back of my car laden with bags, I decided if I can’t find the bags I have in my mind, I should make them myself.

When I arrived home, I began drawing the first iteration of the 1912 collection.

These bags reflect the attention and care we put into our horses everyday. They are intuitive to use for ease and organization. They are durable to stand up against the toughest environments, to last a lifetime. They are constructed every step of the way with a responsibility to our environment and planet.

This is why I founded Schulz: to contribute a new level of care and consideration to how riders navigate their everyday training and travel.

We designed our collection to merge real-world utility with a spirit of elegance and resourcefulness. Our bags are here to support your endeavors and ease your transitions, so you can continue on the pursuits that matter most.

Hope your search for the perfect bag can finally come to an end, too.